Journey 4 Justice

Public Visitation and Funeral Set For Bob Hosier
You have probablly heard by now that Brian, Danny Joe and myself lost a dear friend this past Thursday, Bob Hosier. Many have asked about visitation and funeral arrangements so I wanted to make sure that everyone who knew Bob knew the details.
Charley Shares His Two Most Important Flags
An amazing thing happened to me Tuesday evening here in the K99 studio's when Scott Carson paid me a visit. The fact that I am getting ready to hit the road for the 2013 Journey 4 Justice National Rally in Topeka is what makes this all very ironic. Here's the 'rest of the story.'
Danny Joe’s Ride with Journey 4 Justice to Topeka
Journey 4 Justice was founded by my friend and coworker Charley Barnes as a means to practice our right of free speech in the prescence of those who use that same right to bring hurt to others. Namely the Wet-burro Baptist cult. We don't give them the respect to be called what they would like to be…

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