Of all things cool in my life this is going to be right up in the top 10.  Not only is it one of the most adorable pics I have seen, but this one is personal.

Sean and Michelle Goldberry are friends of mine I met through another friend and I have enjoyed watching their FB pages the last year waiting for their first child between the two.  Michelle has a beautiful little girl from a previous marriage and now it's all one big happy family that is finally complete.  (That doesn't mean you never stop adding on, who am I to say.)

So the day finally came last in February this year that Ms. Kelsey Imogen Goldsberry entered this world as precious as she could be.  A few weeks after she was born, her father approached me and wanted a baby onesie that represented Journey 4 Justice.  So Lesli and I had one ordered up and mailed it to them as a surprise and a gift from not only us, but from J4J members all across the country.

It took another month, but now she finally fits into her official Journey 4 Justice gear and we couldn't be any prouder.  If only you could see the smile on my face right now.  You know the kind where your cheeks start to hurt?

Big smile...