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Brian Enjoys Sounds & Smells Of Spring
Spring has sprung and the Colorado air is filled with the all the sights, sounds and smells the season brings. I have started to hear the pitter patter of the squirrels drinking red bull and scurrying across my roof and jumping into my trees making my dogs bark continuously, so soothing. I have hear…
Brian Explains How To
I am a man, which means I need a lot of help to get by and thankfully the internet is there for the clueless like myself. I find it so handy that if there is something I need to know or know how to do, I can just type in a few words and I get my answer. I have found myself many times sitting down an…
Are You The Next Aflac Duck?
Brian and Todd have the Chicken. Aflac has the Duck, and they are hiring!  Aflac will begin accepting submissions tonight (Wednesday, March 23) for those interested in replacing Gilbert Gottfried as the voice of the Duck. Gottfried was fired last week after voicing the duck for more than 10 yea…
Teacher Tuesday Highland Elementary
Brian and Todd made a Teacher Tuesday presentation yesterday at Highland Elementary in Pierce. Drew Bankston from Star Painter Productions of Fort Collins was there. or check out Star Painter Productions Facebook Page
Todd Rides Horses Too
Susan Moore always tells her horse stories, but she is not the only one at K99 who rides horses.  Here is photographic proof that Todd has been on a horse or two in his life.
Lindsey O’Brien-28 Hours Of Hope
Lindsey O'Brien sings a song she wrote for Brian and Todd's "28 Hours of Hope".  Drew Bankston from Star Painter Productions of Fort Collins created this video. or check out Star Painter Productions Facebook Page
Todd’s Favorite Brunch Spot
We went to the Colorado Broadcasters Association Awards Saturday night in Denver.  (K99 won 2 awards:  One for the 28 Hours of Hope, and another for the K99 Truck Giveaway) My wife and I spent the night at the hotel where the event was held in the Denver Tech Center because we didn't want to drive h…
Brian & Susan Present Teacher Tuesday
Yesterday was one of the best teacher Tuesday presentations I have made in a long time. Susan and I went to Milliken Elementary yesterday and presented Mr. Schliger with the award. While we were there we were treated to an amazing reception, the entire student body was in on the surprise. I love it …
Brian Cringes For 127 Hours
I am a movie junkie, you will find me most Tuesdays at the video store picking up the new releases and then going home and getting lost in movie land. I don't get a chance to get to the theater nearly as often as I would like to so I have to wait until they come out on video to enjoy them. When I he…

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