Spring has sprung and the Colorado air is filled with the all the sights, sounds and smells the season brings. I have started to hear the pitter patter of the squirrels drinking red bull and scurrying across my roof and jumping into my trees making my dogs bark continuously, so soothing. I have heard the sound of a hawk as he swooped down and grabbed a rabbit out of my backyard and tried to fly away with him and hit the fence which made my dogs bark continuously. I have heard the hard working woodpeckers doing their job on my trees which sounds like a construction crew putting up a new building which makes my dogs bark continuously. I have heard the sound of my neighbors building yet another play land for their kids and the sounds of the kids helping while shouting the joyous sounds of “I’m telling mom!”, which makes my dogs bark continuously. I have a feeling if I muzzled my dogs I would enjoy spring much more, have you ever tried to muzzle a pug? How do you muzzle something with a smashed in face?

Now the smells of spring are bit more enjoyable for me, my dogs can’t mess them up. I love the smell of the plants starting to bloom it’s like the smell of life in the air and then there is the smell of barbeques cooking all around the neighborhood which makes me bark continuously. I must say that the greatest sight or sound of the season is getting to meet and visit with you, so please keep visiting K99.com and see where we will be and what we have in store for you, aside from the taste of country concerts at the Greeley stampede, we have a ton of fun planned for you. It is going to be a great spring and summer, spend it with us at K99.