David Miller of Johnstown was the winner of the 2012 Nissan Titan Crew Cab 4x4 from Ehrlich Nissan in Greeley and K99 over the weekend at Boardwalk Park in Windsor.  We have pictures and a great video to show you how it went down on Saturday.

The funny thing was that David didn't even know he had won at first.  His key turned and he didn't even notice.  Luckily D Dennison and our promotions director Caitlin Youngs were watching closely and told David he better try his key again.  He did. It worked and David Miller drove away in a brand Nissan Titan 4x4. David was the 12th person overall to try his key.

Drew Bankston from Star Painter Productions captured it all on video and also edited this piece just for you.

Thanks to everyone who entered to win this year!   A special thank you to Ehrlich Nissan for providing the beautiful truck.   Nobody in Northern Colorado has more used cars than Ehrlich on 35th.  June is Customer Appreciation Month.