It's no secret, we all have a little wild in us. Just waking up with the Good Morning Guys, hanging out with me during your work day (as I try to get you to dance around your desk or stand on your head), and driving home with Charley Barnes should be proof enough of that. But now, we've cranked up the crazy and are going Rouge with Ehrlich Nissan. Picture it as a giant game of hide and seek, Olly Olly Oxen Free!Wait, Wait, Wait.... it get's even better, if you find us you'll instantly qualify to win $1,000!!!!! That THOUSAND dollars will be given away at the end of our broadcast... so if I am out and about and my show ends at 3, yep, you could be hearing your name as the winner of ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS. How exciting is this?!!???? It's crazy, wild, Rouge exciting that's what it is!!

Keep listening for more details and write down every clue. It could mean $1,000 to you.


Congratulations to our week 1 winner Jackie Foster of Milliken!