I'm 'Going Rogue' today! If you can find me and this Nissan Rogue from Ehrlich Nissan after 3 p.m., you could win a $1000. Somebody will, might as well be you.

It's a fact. Someone is going to win a $1000 today at the end of my show. All you have to do is tune in after 3 p.m. today and I will be giving you clues as to where I am here in Northern Colorado...that's your first clue.

Once you figure out where I am, or simply see the K99 Nissan Rogue from Ehrlich Nissan, just stop in and fill out the registration slip. It's just that easy. Then around 6:50 p.m. tonight, someone is going to get a phone call from me live on my show so if your phone starts ringing in that time frame, chances are going to be high you just won a $1000.

Free money and if you don't need a $1000, then you are in a much better place than I am. If you do need a $1000, then I hope to see you today after 3 p.m. Good luck to all from K99 and Ehrlich Nissan, Colorado's only six time Nissan Owner First Award of Excellence dealer.