I wrote this piece long before the Trayvon Martin thing about racism and equal rights and it rings true even more today. I for one am getting really sick and tired of this "racism" card being played all the time and I think Caucasians are the least racist.

George Zimmerman, who was just found not guilty on murder charges, was judged by a jury of his peers.  It's nothing new.  He got more than a fair trial and the verdict was not guilty.  Why is that racism?  There were blacks on the jury, and one of the key witnesses for him was a young black girl.  Justice is blind and see's no color.  Rioting because a verdict didn't go your way and coming up with an excuse is just sad.

You know who's racist?  Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.  Those two evil mongers have done more to bolster racism than the KKK.  Aren't those two supposed to be helping end racism?

This just in:  Protests that have been organized by the Newark Anti-Violence Coalition protesting the jury verdict closed down one of Newark’s busiest intersections earlier this week.  Isn't that nice.  (Sidebar: Their logo is a clenched fist.)

It's get's better.

One of the rally organizers, Natasha, who was a recent guest on the Tim Constantine show was asked about how to go about ending racism. He pointed out the large racial divide in America over the outcome of the Zimmerman verdict. He then asked the black activist representing the Newark Anti-Violence Coalition "where we go from here and how we can improve race relations in America. How can we bring people together."  Her was Natasha's answer:

The races have never been together. They’re never going to be together. I don’t even think its a good idea for us to be together. I think that ‘Separate but Equal’ is a beautiful thing… That’s for me.

So that's the answer from a black woman? Segregation?  Didn't the blacks fight and die for equal rights?  Do we not have a black man as President?  Condoleezza Rice anyone? Colin Powell? Martin Luther King? Supreme court justice' Thurgood Marshall and Clarence Thomas?  Oprah? Hank Aron? Jackie Robinson? Tiger Woods? Alex Haley? Bill Cosby? Chuck Berry?  Jimi Hendrix?  Ray Charles?  I made my point...stop being lazy and blaming the "white man" for holding you back.

The black man/woman has proved over the past 5 decades they can do whatever they set their mind to. Color has never been an issue with them...work ethic and dependency has been the issue. The color of your skin has nothing to do with anything other than the color of your skin.

Martin Luther King, Jr. would be very proud today...said no one ever!  I think he would probably echo Bill Cosby and his thoughts on racism today!  If you haven't heard Mr. Cosby's take on racism please put it on your to do list then forward it on to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

Finally, George Zimmerman isn't even white!  He's Hispanic...for all the rioters who didn't know, now you do.  And for all of you who keep posting Meme's about all the white children who have been murdered by black people; STOP!  Unless you can prove that these black people who murdered these children walked away free it's not the same at all.  The reason "you never hear about those cases" is because the black perps are doing LIFE IN PRISON OR EXECUTED!  They were convicted of their crimes and getting what they deserve. It's not the same thing so please stop fueling the racism issue.