Well, today is the day. Today, those who I work with are about to undergo an amazing transformation. Today is a day they won't soon forget. Today, I am making my co-workers my favorite sandwich and I'm sure it's soon to be their new favorite.

I had originally promised to make this amazing sandwich last Friday but ran out of time and, OK, I forgot,  Then on Monday, I forgot again.

Hey, better late than never right?

What could be better than a grilled peanut butter and cheese sandwich? However, most of those I mention this to thinks it sounds disgusting; even those who like both ingredients.  I think it sounds quite normal. Like cheese on apple pie or a dollop of peanut butter in your tomato soup? A must!

So since we are on weird food combinations, what are yours? Leave me a comment and I will try them.  I am all about trying new things, especially if it's 'out of the ordinary.'

At the time of this blog I have 6 willing participants and I will make sure to post the results of today's experiment.