So there's been this big ta do lately about the chemical Azodicarbronamide in the bread at a popular sub sandwich chain, the chemical is also found in yoga mats. But Subway isn't the only culprit, get ready to be surprised.



  • McDonalds uses the chemical in their bread too, including the sesame seed buns and english muffins
  • Chick-fill-A puts Azodicarbonamide in their grilled chicken salads and sandwiches
  • Burger King has it in its croissants, french toast sticks and Caesar croutons (plus a few more)
  • Dunkin' Donuts has been using it in their croissants, texas toast and danishes, but is currently reviewing their policies of using the chemical
  • Wendy's, yep in a almost all of their breads and buns
  • Say it ain't so Joe, not Arby's too?! Indeed they do, in sesame seed buns, onion bread, harvest wheat and honey wheat breads, French toast sticks and croissants
  • Plus, Carl's Junior, Hardee's and White Castle (yes my Minnesota friends, White Castle)

Remember that this chemical IS USDA and FDA approved