Who doesn't love good science? And who doesn't love good fresh, moldy free, bread.  Seems there is a company in Texas that now claims to have found a way to keep your bread fresh and mold free for 60 days.

Joern Haufe, Getty Images

So here's how it works:  They microwave the freshly cooked bread and it kills all the mold spores.  Takes about ten seconds before packaging.  Maybe that will help Brian and his French Toast.


Now I can eat sandwiches off of one loaf of bread for 60 days.  The Texas based company is now pitching it to big bakeries to have them install these microwave units and then to market and promote the new bread technique. Of course marking up the price.

So there you go...look for 60 day bread coming to shelf near you and engineers are also working on a home version of this new microwave that will be about a $100 more than your typical microwave today.

So what's your thoughts on this? Would you spend more money on bread that would stay fresh for 60 days?  Leave your comment and let us know.