Let's make it clear that I am not a huge fan of peanut butter.  Don't get me wrong, I like it but won't go out of my way for a PB fix...unless you throw in some cheese.  When it comes right down to it, cheese makes everything better; including peanut butter.

We got on the subject the other day here at work about odd food combinations and I mentioned my favorite sandwich, grilled peanut butter and cheese, and most just freaked out.  No open imagination at all even though they all liked peanut butter and also liked cheese; just not together.

Had they ever had it? No!

How you can say you don't like something if you never try it?  It's not like ketchup on ice cream - a childhood friend of mine used to do that and I assume still does.  True story on that one.

So I am going to enlighten those around me and expose them to the finer things in life and throw a party for their palate.  This Friday, I will be bringing in my camp stove, my favorite skillet and the fixings for the best sandwich you will ever shove in your face.

Those who know me know I am a grilled cheese connoisseur but the peanut butter trick only works with certain kinds of cheese, mainly American.  That's just me, a guy who goes out of his way to help those around him to see and appreciate the finer things in life.

Check back in on Friday and we'll see how many converts I get and discuss peanut butter in your tomato soup as well.  (I swear, these are the only two things I use peanut butter for.)