Todd Harding, TSM

Charley is 50-years-old. The big 5-0.  He actually turned 50 on his recent trip to Topeka. Yesterday we had a surprise party for Charley and surprised he was.

Charley's fiance Lesli planned the event yesterday afternoon.  It's not as easy as it sounds to get Charley out of the house so the rest of us can pack into his garage.   There was some serious maneuvering to pull that off.  The best part of the party yesterday was that Charley was truly surprised and touched.  You don't see Charley get emotional very often. Yesterday was a special day.  We love that guy. Happy Birthday Charley!

My wife and I snapped a few pictures yesterday.  I also got a short video of Charley's initial response when he found a few dozen people in his garage when he got home.