I love music of all kinds and to be honest, I'm an old school radio guy.  I started in 1977 and have been doing it ever since.  Back in the old days though, the jocks picked the music they played on their shows and it looks like I complained long enough and finally got my way.

Charley Barnes, TSM

Every Friday, from here on out, my show will be a free for all of sorts.  I have basically been given the freedom to stray from any playlist and play what I want...within a few guidelines but for the most part, every Friday is literally my show and I will put my neck out right now and say it will be one of the best Friday shows...anywhere!

You will still hear all your current favorites and hits, but you will also hear brand new music and old music never released that you will never hear other than on my show every Friday. One hit wonders like Pin Monkey to old favorites like Tanya Tucker and Waylon Jennings.

Trust me on this one...you're gonna love it and you will even have the chance to help steer the ship with your requests.

My dilemma is what to call it.  Free For All Friday or is it a Friday Free For All?  Take the quick poll directly below and let me know. Most votes wins the show title...ready, set, GO!