I am oozing an extraordinary Friday mood and it all got started with some music I hadn't heard in a long time here at work and since the boss is away, I have decided to walk like a rebel and go on a free-for-all today.  So I got to thinking, why not do it every Friday.  But I need you to have my back and support my rebelicious idea!

I declare today's show and every Friday show, "Free For All Friday!"   This is where I throw the playlist out the window and go old school and play some of the stuff we haven't heard in a long time.  Could be new stuff that I thought was great and never made it or it could be some classic Kathy Mattea or Tanya Tucker. Maybe some one hit wonders like Pin Monkey or Lost Trailers.  Who knows what I'll come up with and you are more than welcome to add to the Friday playlist too; I hope you do.

You'll still hear all your current favorites but let's mix it up and have some fun.

Here's the deal.  The boss is out of town so I need your support before he gets back and cuts my fingers off.  If you think it's a good idea, please cast your vote and tell your friends. Share this like the wind.  If we get enough votes on this he can't say no. Put the pressure on. Let's do this!