It's been six months in the planning and the send off went off without a hitch. Many lined up along I-25 others rode along side Charley, some all the way to Cheyenne, and I can only assume some may have even followed a bit farther. This is to let you know that Charley is safe, as he is well into day two of his 10 Day Honor Endurance Ride.

Charley Barnes Honor Ride

It sounds like he made his first check point about 16 hours ago, so around 10:30 Wednesday night. Day one ended in Montana tacking on over 850 miles. Thursday he wraps up the first leg of the trip, taking a deep breath and jumping into the second leg that will take him from border to border, Canada to Mexico, a trip closer to 15-hundred miles than not.

Charley is on this journey as it is a calling, a piece of him that he can give to those who have served, lived and died to protect our freedoms. Charley, a man of honor, is giving back with this 10 Day Honor Endurance Ride. In the end, he will have ridden 10-thousand miles in 10 days for the men and women who built the ground we stand on and continue through time to protect our rights to stand tall and raise our families.

I ride 10,000 miles in 10 days for Honor Flight Northern Colorado as my way of raising money to help them send Veterans to Washington D.C. to see the Memorial that have been built in their honor. Thanks to all those who sponsored miles, at a $1 per mile, we as one, have raised almost $27,000 for Honor Flight Northern Colorado.

-Charley Barnes

Keep checking here for updates on Charley and his efforts to ride 10,000 miles in 10 days.