Country has been well represented over the years on American Idol with artists like Casey James, Laren Alaina, Bucky Covington, Josh Gracin, Kelli Pickler, and of course, Carrie Underwood.  I was very happy to see Scotty McCreery win a couple years ago and it was cool to have Kree Harrison in the finals this season. What I like to seen on American Idol is the country singers rocking it just a little bit. I'm like Donny & Marie. I'm a little bit country and I'm a little bit rock-&-roll. I have compiled my top-5 list of the "Best Rock & Roll Performances by Country Artists".

5. Kree Harrison - Don't Play That Song

I have to be honest, I didn't watch American Idol every week this season, but I did see this performance by Kree and it knocked me out.

4. Scotty McCreery - You've Got A Friend

I was so happy when Scotty McCreery won American Idol.   He didn't do many rock performances during his season, it was mostly country.  However, I did love his version of Carol King's classic.

3. Bucky Covington - Fat Bottomed Girls

One of my favorite episodes ever was when Queen acted as the mentor.  I remember liking almost every performance.  One that really stood out was Bucky. It was his best performance of the year.  Sorry the video isn't the best quality.

2. Phil Stacey - Wanted Dead or Alive

Phil who?  Phil Stacey tried to be a country star for a while, but it never really worked out.  I believe the pinnacle of his career was the night Jon Bon Jovi showed up to American Idol.  It was by far my favorite episode of all time.

1.  Carrie Underwood - Alone

Carrie Underwood had so many good performances the year she one, but this is the one where I knew with out a doubt she would be a superstar.  This video still gives me chills when I watch it.