1992 was a huge year in country music thanks to the line dancing sensation caused by Billy Ray Cyrus. Country dance clubs got a boost from a Kentucky boy who rocked the world with his Elvis like moves and looks singing about his achy breaky heart. Billy Ray burst onto the scene with a splash like never seen before. His debut album "Some Gave All" sold nearly 10 million copies that year and has sold 20 million copies to date. It is the biggest selling debut album from a solo male act in music history.

I will never forget being on the air when we first broke the song and the response was unlike anything I had ever seen before in music. Billy Ray became a headliner immediately and was selling out venues after one single. The song became so big that and popular that it became "uncool" for some people to say they liked it. I was always amazed at the people who said they hated it yet couldn't resist singing along to it and doing the line dance. Let's take a trip back to 1992 and hit the dance floor with Billy Ray.

Just in case you forgot how to do the dance.