I have always been baffled by women and the amount of grooming products they use. My shower ledge can be littered with up to 17 bottles of stuff at any given time. Can there really be need for all of these? The use of all of these products is starting to have an effect on my home.

Brian Gary, TSM

I was sitting in the bathroom yesterday doing my business when I looked up and noticed a splotch on my wall. I could see exactly where my wife stands every day and sprays her hair. There is a chunk of my wall that is being eaten away by hairspray. She obviously stands in that same spot all the time. I am only about a year and half away from having a football sized hole in my wall if I get to move to a new location. Since no one uses phone booths anymore I am thinking of putting one in the bathroom and let the girls use it as a grooming booth. I will be at the home improvement center getting some sandpaper and paint. Have a great day.