Just when you think that you know someone, you find out stuff that makes you think, wow, I don't know you at all. Here's my list!

D Dennison with Shane and James D Dennison


  • I am afraid of being in the house alone at night
  • I don't like Salmon
  • I love to travel
  • I haven't been camping in 17 years
  • I can ride a horse (too!)
  • I have driven in a Monster Truck Heap
  • I am a savory, I will turn down desert for a salad any day
  • Although I have tons of natural golden/reddish highlights, I am not a natural redhead (I just like it this color and have been this color for 9 years)
  • Favorite alcoholic drink= Moscow Mule, Favorite non-alcoholic drink= tie between Ginger Ale and Coke Zero
  • Public Speaking frightens me