Pretty big question, but really, have you ever and would you admit it?

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  • Gone to a yard/garage sale just to snoop on a neighbor
  • Stopped by McDonalds on the way home and ordered fries or a McDouble and hid the bag
  • Walked around the house naked when no one was home
  • Dropped something for dinner on the floor and used it anyway
  • Looked through your partners phone
  • Used his/her deodorant when you ran out or just to smell him/her
  • Pick and Flick a bugger in the car
  • Sit silent when everyone says "who did that"
  • Take a piece of the last donut hoping no one will touch the rest so you can come back later
  • Took the coupon off of the conditioner and put it on the shampoo you were buying

I am sure that there are a million more things one might do when no one is looking, what do you do, that you'll admit.