Don't call it a comeback! (OK, but it is, LL Cool J.) After a popular return in 2017, MillerCoors is bringin' back the '90s nostalgia once again for summer of 2018, but only for a limited time.

Remember Zima? I don't, because I was a small child who could not legally drink in the '90s... but for all of you older millennials, this seems like a big deal (or at least a cult-classic novelty). Zima is, I've heard, a clear, citrus-y, 5% ABV drink that was discontinued in 2008 after an almost 15-year run. (Scroll to find out where to get it.)

Via lynnva68 on Instagram

Last year, MillerCoors brought it back to liquor stores, where it was met with more demand than supply, so they've decided to, once again, re-stock the Zima for this summer.

So, where can you get it here in Northern Colorado? Good question... you can scope out local liquor stores, but apparently you can buy Zima at Walmart, but it's going really, really fast. (I checked, and as of right now, it's available in Fort Collins, Loveland and Greeley for $8.98.)


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