Where are the best restaurants in Northern Colorado?

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My family has a bit of an obsessive habit when it comes to restaurants. We'll find one that we really love and then go there two or three times a week for a year. Then, we'll move on to the next one.

Our current obsession is Waffle House. We go to the Fort Collins location at least once a week. My girlfriend is especially obsessed.

When she came back from a trip and I picked her up from Denver International Airport, I said she could go anywhere she wanted.

I was expecting her to ask for one of Colorado's best restaurants, but instead, she asked to go to Waffle House in Firestone.

I know what you're thinking. Waffle House? Really?

Waffle House Fort Collins location
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Hear me out. Waffle House is more than just a place to get breakfast. It's a place where people come together. It's a place to talk about your day, and your plans, or just shoot the breeze. And the food is actually pretty good.

I will say that I completely understand that this is not the best restaurant in Northern Colorado. I am very aware of that.

Some of my favorites are The Colorado Room in Fort Collins, The Boot in Loveland, and Bad Daddy's Burger Bar in Johnstown.

I asked on Facebook, "If you could only go to one restaurant for the rest of your life, what restaurant would it be?"

Here is what you said.


Kacey said,

Ooh, I can't just pick one! High on the list though, Los Dos Garcias in Johnstown.

Jared said,

Rodizio or Jim’s Wings

Tammy said,

Dragon Inn in Eaton. Best Chinese food (IMO) and service is wonderful

John said,

Jim’s wings or my back patio I can cook some mean beef

Shirley said,

Salsa's Mexican Restaurant

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