With protests happening all across the country with a wide amount of hot topics that I’m not going to go in to, it’s easy for us to miss protests that happen in our own state. There are few things that can make Wyoming Ranchers angry enough to gather at a local Burger King in Torrington, but, the Wal-Mart Yodeler was able to anger them with an ad that Burger King has since stopped running.  

First off, Mason Ramsey, you need to stay in your lane. I get you want that sweet BK Lounge cash, but you can’t go around upsetting Ranchers across the country and a good source of Wyoming’s economy. Keep it up, and you wont be asked to yodel in a Dollar Store. We don’t care how cute you are in your belt buckle and over sized hat. 

The heart of the matter, Friday Ranchers protested the local Burger King in Torrington

From KPVI 

That commercial was the tipping point, said Lori Shafer, one of the event’s organizers. Local cattle producers decided to take a stand. They did so by lining the streets and adjacent parking lot near Burger King in Torrington on Friday with all manner and makes of pick-up trucks and trailers adorned with pro-beef signs and American flags. 

“Our goal is to educate the public. We all know that agriculture is struggling right now,” Shafer said. “We need to bring visibility to agriculture in a positive light; the beef industry in particular is taking some really hard hits right now. Our message is meant to be positive to provide that much-needed education for the general public to know that agriculture is the mainstay of the economy in Goshen County, and has been forever.” 

Burger King, again, has pulled the ad. I don't know how they could have produced that ad not thinking of how it looked. The idea, I'm sure, was to use Mason Ramsey as a fun, quirky spokesperson, but they may have gone too far with the cow flatulence and greenhouse gas insinuations.

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