A driver recently learned something that all of us that have lived in Wyoming already knew. Some traffic jams here don't move. Or, maybe I should say "moo-ve".

David Schmitz was apparently cruising around our state when he noticed something on the horizon. He could see some cowboys and a couple dogs and also a very slow moving barricade.

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See if you can count the number of bovines that are crossing the road and how many are just standing there. Spoiler alert: there are more just standing there than moving.

David was actually very fortunate. His wait of only a few minutes was nothing compared to some other livestock traffic jams we have in Wyoming. You might recall a couple months ago, we shared the elk traffic jam in the western part of our state.

We're not complaining. This is the way it should be. Wildlife and livestock are the life blood of Wyoming. Part of the joy of traveling through our part of America is the waiting sometimes while the animals do their thing.

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