I'm a sucker for a historic home. I've owned two homes in my life, and both are older homes. I have a type. My current home was built in the 1940s, yes, 80 years old. It's wild that a home in the 1940s would be considered historic, I mean, our state was only a state for 50 years at that point, so I get it.

I was looking around at Zillow and dreaming of winning the Powerball, as one does, and found this absolute gem of a historic ranch south of Laramie. It's really cool to find a home built in the 1800s in Wyoming, let alone, a whole ranch. According to the listing on Zillow, this is the Harney Creek Ranch and the home was built in 1870! As I mentioned earlier, my 1940s home was built 50 years after Wyoming became a state, well, this ranch was built before Wyoming was a state.

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I'm in love.

The listing also says this property comes with 592 acres. That's a lot of land to really just get away from people. If you look at the drone photo, there's not a whole lot around the property. For what looks like miles. Just beautiful Wyoming land and hills. The property also has tons of space and storage. It seems like even the garages have garages.

Are you ready to see the updates and bits of love put into this historic Wyoming ranch? Go ahead and wipe your feet, and let's take a trip back to the 1800s with this beautiful Wyoming home.

This Wyoming Ranch South Of Laramie Was Built In The 1800s

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