One woman went to great lengths to escape from the cops during a burglary last Thursday, ending in a fall from the ceiling of a Big Lots store.

Coloradans are pretty used to having things fall through roofs, particularly in the form of snow. In Northern Colorado's nasty March 2003 snowstorm, part of the roof of Bed Bath & Beyond collapsed beneath 3 feet of snow, temporarily displacing the business from its 110 W. Troutman Parkway location in Fort Collins.

Luckily, it was not the Big Lots location next door to Bed Bath & Beyond in Fort Collins that had its roof collapse during a burglary, nor was it anywhere in Colorado.

Amanda L. Chandler, 30, was charged with second-degree burglary after she was caught rummaging through a cash register of a Big Lots store overnight in Springfield, Missouri, the Springfield News-Leader reports. Once Chandler knew she had been caught by police, she ran toward the back of the store and climbed into the ceiling from a back storage area. She then fell through the ceiling above the women's restroom and was arrested without further incident.

Downtown Fort Collins also had a trespasser fall through the ceiling and land in a greasy kitchen air duct of Pueblo Viejo last May, the Coloradoan reports. He was cited and walked away uninjured.

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