Carrie Giesler, who is in the process of suing Turner Middle School is being accused of attempting to murder her ex-husband. According to the Reporter-Herald, Giesler, is in the middle of a lawsuit with Thompson School District, alleging that they did not protect her from a student while she was a teacher. However, she is also now accused of trying to murder her ex-husband, Dan Giesler, on July 5, 2016.

According to reports, Giesler visited her ex-husband's home in Fort Collins in the early morning of July 5, the same day they were to have a custody hearing involving their two children. Giesler allegedly went to the house wearing a disguise that included sunglasses and a wig. She then went to the door "asking for directions." When Dan recognized her, she allegedly pulled out a stun gun leading to a struggle between the two. Dan eventually got away and called police from a neighbor's home. By the time the police arrived, Carrie was gone, however, the wig, sunglasses, and some blood were left behind in Dan's home.

When the authorities caught up with Carrie, she admitted to visiting her ex-husband's home and that there was a struggle and altercation. However, she denied that she was in disguise. After an investigation, police charged Carrie Giesler with felony attempted murder, use of a stun gun and second-degree burglary and misdemeanor assault. She is currently our on bond, and is due to appear in Judicial District Court in Fort Collins on September 15.

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