If you read any story I do, please read this one.  It's all based on common sense and facts. It's what I believe to the core and why everyone doesn't think the same way is beyond me.


Over the course of the last 14 months I have had to deal with extreme pressure from some people as to why I won't stand in picket lines and why Journey 4 Justice {J4J} won't either.


What I did in June of 2011 was what they DIDN'T want me to do and that was to give them a taste of their own medicine by invading their privacy and see how they liked it.  I proved to all the nay-sayers that I didn't need a permit to carry my flag on a public sidewalk and guess what, I was right!

1000's of others agreed!

They wanted to do the same thing so J4J was born.

Does anyone know why they decided to start picketing funerals?  I will tell you why. Because the people of Topeka and the media just didn't care about them anymore and everyone in Topeka decided to "IGNORE" them.  So to get back into the media spotlight they started picketing funerals starting in Wyoming with Mathew Sheppard.

They now threaten to picket all across the country because they KNOW you all will want to go stand in a picket line and the media will cover it. More times than not they are a "no show" but they still get what they wanted.


If everyone would stop doing what they want you to do they'd stop.  Plain and simple.  Why does everyone want to fuel their fire and give them what they want? J4J on the other hand is the only group in the world doing what THEY DON'T WANT!

I will never understand!

Don't get me wrong...the induction and formation of the Patriot Guard was needed to protect these families at the funerals of their children and has nothing to do with a 'picket line' so don't go taking my words out of context.  Those who know me know I support and have more respect for the PGR than most!

It's easy to understand...stop going to their pickets and protests and they will eventually stop doing them because NO ONE WOULD BE THERE hence no media coverage!

Get creative if you must.  If they came to my hometown I would get a parade permit and shut the street down so no one could drive by and let them stand alone. That's just my idea and perhaps you have one of your own to keep people away from their lame crap.

If you want to do what they DON'T want you to do then Journey 4 Justice is a great outlet but if you want to fuel their fire and give them what they want so they can laugh at you then Journey 4 Justice isn't for you.

So, stop asking me to join picket lines for them because it will be a cold day in hell before you see me standing in one!  I will be on their doorstep doing what they don't want me to do in the hope they will hate me/us even more!