As Founder/President of Journey 4 Justice, a national group who give the Westboro Baptist Church a taste of their own medicine at their own homes, I want to make it clear that we have nothing to do with the Journey for Justice March planned on Saturday, December 6 in Ferguson, MO.

For many across this great nation of ours, the evidence in the Brown/Wilson case was more than obvious. Opinions are just that; opinions. But when it comes down to facts of this case, the verdict was just and accurate.

That night, a life was going to be lost and it was officer Wilson who chose to save his own after giving ample chances for Mr. Brown to follow the law, and the blatant orders he was given to stand down, yet he chose not to do so. Let's be clear, an innocent life was not taken the evening of August 9, 2014.

It was brought to my attention earlier today that the NAACP has organized a march in support of the protesters and "equal rights" this coming Saturday, December 6 and have named it "Journey for Justice."

As the Founder and President of Journey 4 Justice, I want to make it perfectly clear that we do not support this march in any way, shape or form. We believe the verdict was correct and justice has been served.

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