I wrote a story a long time ago about why I don't encourage people to stand in WBC picket lines. Now, more than ever, please read this story and share my message.

In case you didn't know (and I hate even mentioning this) the nut jobs from the Westboro Baptist Church (herein referred to as the wetburro's) are threatening to picket the graduation ceremonies at CSU on May 17. Before I go on my rant, I am willing to bet it's nothing more than a threat; as most of their antics are.

In the off chance they do make the trip to picket, here is my message:


Charley Barnes - Photo by Don Bailey
Charley Barnes - Photo by Don Bailey

I am only bringing this up because it has been brought to my attention, over a 100 times literally, that people are already frothing at the mouth to organize a counter-protest; exactly what the wetburro's want.  It's not hard to figure this out. You won't catch me anywhere close to CSU on May 17 and no I will not organize a counter-protest.  If I had the time and energy, I would do something more creative like figuring out a way to make a 10 block radius around their picket zone a GHOST TOWN! There would be no bigger insult to them...just don't show up.

I will never understand why everyone insists on giving these morons exactly what they want. If people would just ignore them, like Topeka did years ago (which is why they decided to go out of town), they'd quit. The only reason they do this is to get the big media spectacle. Let Colorado and CSU be the first to say GO STRAIGHT TO HELL and ignore them. I'd love to not see one person show up to counter them...its the biggest insult you could give them.

Let US be the ones to set the new trend for the country to follow.  Please share this message with any and all groups you know who are associated with CSU including their student body. Want to send a message? Let's for once try and send the right message.

How much media hype do you all think they got out of Moore OK.? Mission accomplished for them. I'm sure no one bothered to check their twitter feeds after...they thanked everyone (as they always do) for all the attention they got. THEY WILL LAUGH AND THANK YOU! Is that really what you want to give them?  Stop fueling their fire!

Journey 4 Justice before it was Journey 4 Justice (Jay Tamlin, Chad Blanco and Kenny Oldson) - Photo by Charley Barnes
Journey 4 Justice before it was Journey 4 Justice (Jay Tamlin, Chad Blanco and Kenny Oldson) - Photo by Charley Barnes

Again, unless you all do some homework, you are just going to continue to fuel their fire. I don't know anyone who has dealt with these people on a face to face basis more than I have and I am telling you now, my plan will work if everyone just ignores them. Does anyone know why they started to picket funerals? Because Topeka media finally got so tired of their crap they IGNORED them and said no more. So what did the WBC do? Started picketing funerals...the first was Mathew Sheppard in Laramie Wyoming. If Topeka wasn't going to give them their media hype, they knew just how to get it...and now look.

Until we/you all start doing what Topeka did...it will never end. Let's spread this message like wildfire so Colorado will be the one who makes National news by saying "we just don't care if they are here or not, we will NOT give them the attention they desire." Just once is all it would take and then the rest of the country would follow suit and eventually, the WBC would stop. If you think these people are sad on their drive home because people came out and said nasty things about them you are wrong wrong wrong. They all laugh and sing all the way home because they accomplished EXACTLY what they set out to do and chuckle at how naive people are. If you want to do what they want by all means, fuel their fire. Not me...you won't catch me anywhere near their pickets unless it's in Topeka Kansas.

Many of my friends were on the picket bandwagon until I posted my thoughts above and all have changed their stance but it was the response of this 20 year old that made my day:

Haha hell ya Charley Barnes, im not so as concerned about countering them as to see them leave with there d**** tucked between there legs like the p****** they are, in fact i completely agree with you One Hundred Percent...i just thought and as did my mother that it should be something brought to your attention and now i know why she thinks that...if it gets out there i believe you and the ideals that you have just spoken to me are the ones that need to be heard...people listen to you there influenced by the things you say, its like your a leader of the blind, i was misguided myself thinking that what they needed was a counter protest, but thank you for really opening my eyes there and helping me to see the false reality that i had about it...its like an elementary school bully, until you just ignore them they will continue to pick on you and laugh, try to go to authorities or fight back and it only gets worse cause now the bully has a reason, but if you ignore them they finally go away..and if anything what you told me is exactly what people out there need to hear...thank you so much for enlightening me and giving me hope to know that there are still people in this world who hold true to there believes 100% and dont back down...you are true wise man Charley Barnes, my life just got a little bit better with the knowledge you have just shared with me..thank you..and i will do my part to spread the word around to not fuel the fire but to douse it with water and kill the fire..Thank You so much - Dakota Carlin

In closing, it's as simple as this: Stop feeding a stray dog and it'll eventually go away

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