Although Kiley is not even two years old yet, her Grandfather Rusty Combs, is setting out to be the coolest G-Pa yet. We're not talking about your everyday playhouse here.

The 12'x12' playhouse is situated 50' in the air on an old corn silo. Fret not Moms, Grandpa made sure it was safe by hiring engineers etc and after obtaining all the permits had it hoisted to the top of the silo. To get to the top, you have to scale 4, 8' ladders. But she's not even two you say...who would let her up there?  Not Kileys Mom, that's for sure. But Grandpa is OK with that.  He says when Mom says it OK then she can go up.

Oh, and it has running water and electricity not to mention the best view in the county! It would be my 'man-cave' till she turned 13 if it were me...just saying.

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