The election in November is getting closer and closer...and closer. So as the chaos begins to close in, it's interesting to see who Colorado millennials are voting for.

The obvious original choice for a big chunk of Colorado millennials was, of course, Bernie Sanders. But he dropped out of the race this summer, leaving millennials to branch out and discover the other candidates.

So a lot of millennials decided to give in and give their votes to either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, right? Well, kind of...?

According to a Quinnipiac survey, Libertarian party presidential candidate Gary Johnson has 29% support among voters 18 to 34 in the state of Colorado, compared to 18% that support Trump. Green party presidential candidate Jill Stein is just behind Trump with 17% support from Colorado millennials. Clinton reigns with 34% support from Colorado millennials.

Who do you side with? If you're not sure or if you haven't taken this quiz in a while, is a pretty eye-opening site that tells you which candidates your views align with the most. (Sometimes the results are surprising!)

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