Michelle Obama doing her own dishes and laundry now?  Not quite, but the White House staff is nearly extinct due to the Government shutdown.

Typically, the White House has around 1700 staffers to keep things running at speed. Things are a bit different now due to the government shutdown but that doesn't mean the Obama's are suffering or starving for that matter and we're thankful for that.

There are typically about 90 of those 1700 who are responsible for the Presidents family and their home. The 90 account for cooks, maids, ushers, electricians etc. who do nothing but maintain the lifestyle of the first family while at the White House. Out of those 90, 83% have been sent home leaving an extremely lean staff.

I wish I had 90 people taking care of me and I help pay for that and can't even live paycheck to paycheck. Where is my cook and maid?  Shouldn't the President (any President) have to pay for some of this out of his own pocket? Shouldn't they pay for their own vacations?  Shouldn't they have to pay for their own food? Shouldn't they have to pay for their own entertainment and clothes...like the rest of America?

Ultimately, I really don't care if they have to do their own dishes and laundry. It might do them some good and bring them back down to an earthly level and if they have to live like the rest of us, who do not live on taxpayer dollars, then so be it and it might be a good thing.

This is true of ALL Presidents...not just our current one.  They all have been able to afford to pay their own way and I believe our tax dollars we give up everyday should go to better things than vacations, food, entertainment and almost 100 people to take care of them.

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