Ashton B. Carter, 25th Secretary of Defense, was sworn in the morning of February 17, 2015 and vows to offer "candid" military advice to President Obama.  

Out with the old and in with the new, Ashton B. Carter. The former Deputy Defense Secretary, who is replacing Chuck Hagel, was sworn in early this morning as the country's top dog for military security and advise.

Carter who has been around the Pentagon for over 30 years, has served under 11 different SoD bosses and has received the Defense Department's Distinguished Service Medal five times and the Defense Intelligence MedalAsh Carter is a very smart man. A double major (Physics and Medieval History) graduate from Yale and former Harvard science professor, he was voted in 93-5. Unlike Chuck Hagel, who served in Vietnam, Carter has no prior military experience.

I don't think anyone is entirely sure why former SoD Hagel stepped down but I think it a common assumption that he was pressured to do so. Curious what your thoughts are concerning our new Secretary of Defense, cast your vote below and feel free to leave a comment.

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