It’s a pretty busy intersection, in Loveland. Whichever Big Box store were to get the spot, you’d have to imagine they’d be a success. Lowes? Home Depot? Costco? Target?  No, no, no… You’re WAY off!

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You could have knocked me over with a feather. Or a turkey feather, to be more exact. I could have made guesses for a week straight, and not come up with Tractor Supply Co. as being the ‘Big Box Store’ that’s coming to north Loveland.  I mean, really? What?

It was in early July that they announced that 10 acres had been bought at 57th Street and Highway 287 in Loveland, a parcel of Loveland that has sat dormant for years!

“How exciting! Something big and new! Oh, the shopping we’ll do!” I remember thinking.  Then, come to find out, I won’t be shopping. Tractor Supplies? Thanks guys, I’m good.

Get THIS: There are TEN Tractor Supply locations in Colorado, already!  There are FIVE within an hour of Loveland!- Fort Collins, Greeley, Longmont, Brighton and Cheyenne!

Tractor Supply’s motto is “For Life Out Here”. Believe me, I appreciate the farming and ranching communities, but when you’re at 287 and 57th, the term ‘Out Here’ does not exactly come to mind, to me. But what do I know- They‘ve been around for 75 years, have almost 1,500 locations across the nation, 11,000 employees, and business is great.

Tractor Supply Company will be the anchor with a few other smaller stores at that corner.  I eagerly await to find out who best ‘goes with’ Tractor Supply Co..

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