Northern Loveland continues to be developed.  The recent opening of Dutch Bros. is a prime example.  Soon they’ll start breaking ground on what could be a new ‘big box’ store at Garfield (Highway 287) and 57th Street.  Who could it be?

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The southeast corner of Garfield (Highway 287) and 57th Street might be the location of a new development, according to The Reporter-Herald. That parcel of land has been vacant forever. I can’t even remember if ANYTHING has EVER been there!  So, you’d have the guess that the price was finally right for the land owners. They’ll retire to the Marianna Butte area, and Loveland will get some more retail. Win-Win.

The developers are planning to have one BIG store retailer and then at least 2 to possibly 6 more spaces for retail or other commercial use.  ‘Big-Box store retailer’- Who could eventually be there? With Wal-Mart just across the street and KMart pretty much out of business, those guys are out. So, who's coming to that corner?

Here are my guesses:

What do YOU think?

Get the full details on the story from The Reporter-Herald HERE!

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