Even with the new parking garage at The Foundry, it seems parking is still an issue in Downtown Loveland. The city is asking twelve questions about it.

Parking in Downtown Loveland can be a bit tricky, even with the new parking garage. Besides- currently, that garage isn't really near anything except for the apartments above it.

So, the City of Loveland is surveying the public about the parking. They've set up 12 questions ranging from 'Why do you park downtown?' to 'What don't you like about parking downtown?'

I'm guessing that they'll use this info as part of the revitalization of downtown. If they can make improvements to safety, closeness to destinations, cost, and other items that respondents are concerned about improved, more people will not only visit Downtown but more businesses could sprout up.

As of this writing, they've had over 800 responses to the survey which closes on September 21, 2018.


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