Our radio stations have always got our ears to the ground when it comes to businesses coming and going, but unfortunately this time around, the information we gathered from our conversations in the community ended up as incorrect.

We're dedicated to ensuring that our audiences are receiving the right information, which is why Mo'Betta Hospitality Group, the great folks in charge of the all-new Loveland TapHouse, have provided us with a statement.  We're going to print it here in its entirety:

"Unfortunately the details published in the blog post are false. Here is the correct information to update the blog.

- We own the building, title, deed
- $100,000 dollars was the down payment. Every payment to Dale Miller has been paid.
- The development process is very challenging in this thriving construction market. We are on the latter stages of permitting with the City of Loveland.
- The project is well funded and bankrolled.

As many of you know, Tina and I are incredibly passionate about downtown Loveland, our community and the guests we serve. Although this false news is hurtful we are hellbent to continue building the dream of a thriving entertainment district in downtown Loveland. This year we created the Mo'Betta Hospitality Group just for this reason. Raising the bar through new innovation in the culinary arts, libations and music. Building is never easy, and while we have tremendous support from the community, there is always the possibility that those who oppose will act. This type of humanity doesn't represent the community I have grown to love. We are moving forward although the occasional arrow may fly, this country boy is focused on seeing an effective change is our town.

We believe that we all have the commitment to accuracy and hope that this update corrects any inaccurate information being shared. Our community thrives when we focus on positive, proactive communication."

 -Courtesy of H. Clay Caldwell of Mo'Betta Hospitality Group.


We can't express how excited we are for the Loveland TapHouse, and we look forward to all of the great new developments coming Loveland's way!

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