Exploring is a blast. Whether you're doing it while driving, climbing a mountain, going for a stroll in the park, a run or a bike ride...it's great to just get out there, see things and do stuff. Exploring caves and caverns...that's a taking adventure to a whole new awesome level. (In my opinion)

I've always found caves extremely fascinating and ever since I had a kid, it's gone to a whole new level. My 6 year old absolutely loves them and according to OutthereColorado.com, there a few must see underground adventures to explore.

The best time to head underground and check these places out is in the summer when it's scorching hot outside, just head to a cave and you're almost certain to find the temperature at LEAST 20 degrees cooler.

After checking out this list, there is NO DOUBT that the ice caves just outside of Rifle, CO (which also just happens to be the most redneck town in Colorado) is going to be the very first spot that we hit.

1. Rifle Ice Caves

Rifle is 244 miles from Fort Collins and is about a 3.5-4 hour drive.

Rifle sits just off I-70 and while it was recently voted "Most Redneck Town in Colorado"...it is home to this incredible spot known as the Ice Caves. I already had Rifle on my "to explore list" now...I'm DEFINITELY going to check out this spot.

YouTube/ Visit Rifle

2. Cave of the Winds

Fort Collins to Colorado Springs: 133 miles (2 hours)

This place looks INCREDIBLE. That little zipline heading down the mountain...and that adult playground with the climbing wall? Are you kidding me??? I'm ready to head down I-25 to "The Springs" NOW.

YouTube/ Pikes Peak Aerial LLC


3.Glenwood Caverns

Fort Collins to Glenwood Caverns: 218 miles (3.5 hours)

This place truly has it all...from a swing that will fling you off the mountain, to the roller coaster to the caverns themselves, Glenwood Caverns is a must do for anyone who craves adventure and adrenaline rushes.

YouTube/Coaster Force

YouTube/David Jellis


YouTube/ CoasterForce

4.Vapor Caves

If you want to explore caves and hang out underground for a while and avoid the crowds at Glenwood, just a few miles away is where you'll find the Vapor Caves and Yampah Spa.

For a more laid back experience and relaxing day at the spa, this place is IT.

YouTube/The Vapor Caves

5.Orient Mine

Fort Collins to Orient Colorado is about a 4 hour drive.

Bonus for THIS trip is that you can also check out a ghost town. Orient is a ghost town that sits about an hour West of Pueblo and nearby is the Orient Mine.

Approach the “Glory Hole” of Orient Mine as dusk starts to hit to witness 250,000 bats exiting this giant opening in unison. This isn’t an underground cavern you can explore, but it’s a pretty cool spot and like a said...bonus as you can check out a ghost town.

6. Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine

From Fort Collins, this is about 175 miles and an approximate 3 hour drive near Colorado Springs.

Ready to drop 1000 feet underground in a gold mine shaft? You can actually see gold veins in their natural state and learn about Colorado’s rich mining past.



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