I have never been the brightest bulb in the chandelier. I tend to do some things that are just plain stupid and some of them have involved attempted home doctoring. Yesterday I lived through another example of my stupidity.

I have been using essential oils lately. Sometimes I am just using them in a diffuser for fragrance but sometimes they are used medicinally as well. I have found melaleuca is a good medicine and eucalyptus is great for clearing up the air passages in your head but it was oregano oil that got to me yesterday.

I had heard that oregano oil was good at fighting infections and I have been known to battle these now and then. I have had to have several cut out of me over the years so I like to get to treating these as soon as I feel even a pimple develop. I had found a little pimple-like creature between the crease of the thigh and the groin. It was right there in that canyon of flesh. I decided I would try a little oregano oil on it right away and see if would just go away. I was not prepared for how much this oil, in it's pure form, can burn. Holy crap!!! I felt like that canyon of flesh was now engulfed in flames. I sat down to let the pain seep but then as my chubby flesh mashed together the skin that was rubbed in oregano oil with the other skin of that region the flames started spreading. I felt the burn go into my 'man luggage' if you will and had to try to find relief. I remembered that when you eat a hot pepper and your gut is burning that you are supposed to drink milk. I then considered dunking my 'Samsonite' in a tub of milk but decided to just let the burn work itself out. The pain went away in a few minutes and the pimple is now gone too. The stuff worked but I was not prepared for the searing groin pain. Be careful what you put 'south of the border'. I am still learning but no longer burning.

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