You gotta plan for those Instagram photos.

The fall season is officially here. This happens to be my favorite season of the year (despite the allergies), so I am living my best life. I love the flavors, smells and feel of fall as well as the activities like football, festivals, pumpkin patches and more. It's a happy time.

This time of year also brings the beautiful changing of the leaves. The foliage replaces it's vibrant green color for softer, warmer colors. Soon we'll be in a sea of red, gold and copper. This begs the question as to when is the best time to see these gorgeous colors on display, before they turn brown and fall away in preparation for the winter.

Each year creates an interactive "Fall Foliage Prediction Map."

This map is not the Bible of foliage, but it is a good indicator of when those gorgeous leaves will be on display at their best. The map predicts everything from "no change" in the leaves to the leaves being "past peak." It also allows you to see the change week by week.

Currently, Fort Collins looks to be in the "patchy" stage.

This means that leaves have begun to change on some trees, but it's no super consistent. You may not every really notice, unless you're looking for it. It looks like our fall foliage will continue to pick up steam until it peaks midway through October, during the week of the 12th. I would start looking for substantial change when October arrives and begin to map out those Instagram photos.

After all, fall may be one of the most Instagram-worthy seasons, if I do say so myself.

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