It's been a mystery for quite a while, and many rumors have been swirled. Is it housing? Is it a movie theatre? Or another box store? Well I think we have our answer.

According to the app Nextdoor, and comments from residents made on there, a new three story multi-family apartment building will be the new construction going up in that space. It will be geared towards 55+ residents.

The construction will consist of 161 units with various amenities to it.

Construction of the new buildings has caught the ire of many people living in the adjacent English Ranch neighborhood, as it has closed off a sidewalk path that residents have used to walk or bike to the plaza.

The path was closed off to the public earlier this week, and will be closed for an estimated 15 months while construction is occurring.

Plans are in the works for a temporary path to take it's place while construction is ongoing. Officials say that should be completed in the next few weeks.

Brinkman Construction are the contractors with the project.

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