There are hundreds of buildings and facilities that make up Colorado State University's main campus - 707 to be exact.


You could argue that each and every one serves a purpose and that some might hold more importance than others; however, there's one building on CSU's campus that, particularly in recent times, has housed some of the most exciting, thrilling, historic moments in the university's 150+ years.

It's a place of learning for some, but a source of entertainment for all - students, faculty, and Ram fans alike. These days, the chances of you finding an empty seat in this place are slim to none.

If you've been, you know why. If you haven't, allow me to elaborate on what it really is you're missing out on.

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Welcome to Moby Arena, the official home of Moby Madness.

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Moby Arena/Colorado State University

If you've walked through the doors of Moby Arena at any point since the start of the 2021-2022 men's college basketball season, chances are you've experienced what many refer to as "Moby Madness".

What is Moby Madness, you might ask? It is truly an atmosphere unlike any other.

The group of men who make up this Colorado State basketball team has been working tirelessly to build and earn a name for themselves; for those who have been following the team, it's clear to see why they've been the talk of the town among the world of college basketball this season.

Just this past Tuesday (Feb. 8), Colorado State earned their latest win on the road against Nevada (9-13 overall, 3-8 in MW conference) - a big win, as it was the Rams' first road win against the Wolfpack since 2015.

A key component in bringing this win back to Ram Country was powerhouse junior forward/guard, David Roddy, who led the Rams in scoring with 29 points during Tuesday night's game.

In fact, Roddy has proven himself to be a key component in every game - ultimately playing a major role in taking this basketball team to new heights all season long.

The is no doubt that this team has collectively reached new heights and broken several records (both individually and as a group) this season, but so have the fans - the ones who make up Moby Madness, the ones who make the atmosphere in Moby Arena as electric as it is.

Simply put, it's history you'll want to be a part of.

Courtesy of Colorado State University
Courtesy of Colorado State University

There's a reason why Moby Arena has been packed on multiple occasions this season. By packed, this is what I mean -

Colorado State's last two home games at Moby Arena were total sellouts, and attendance records were crushed.

Over 8,000 people packed Moby during the Rams' last two home games against UNLV and San Diego State, making up a total of 8,083 CSU fans in attendance for each game.

Based on those stats alone, I think it makes total sense as to why our student section was just ranked top three in the nation.

College basketball analyst, Andy Katz is even calling the Mountain West Conference the most underrated in the sport.

The community surrounding and cheering on this Colorado State men's basketball team has been so special to be a part of.


Getting to witness and be a part of the pure magic that is Moby Madness myself this season, I can tell you firsthand that this is the place to be.

Over the last few months, I've had the pleasure of serving as the on-court host for CSU men's basketball; to be honest, I - like many others who have no affiliation to the Mountain West Conference - never paid much mind to Colorado State basketball (until now that is).

I spent my college years down in Tuscaloosa at the University of Alabama, a Southern Eastern Conference (SEC) school. When it comes to athletics, rooting for Alabama totally has its perks; I mean, it's not hard to root for a team that always wins (primarily referring to our football team, although our men's basketball team isn't all that bad, either).

Fortunately, Colorado State fans are finally getting the chance to experience what winning feels like, thanks to this showstopping, dominant men's basketball team that has genuinely been such a delight to watch.

Colorado State (18-3 overall, 8-3 in conference) is currently sitting at 3rd place in the Mountain West Conference and at #36 in the NET rankings.

When Is The Next Colorado State Men's Basketball Home Game?

Colorado State will be taking on the Fresno State Bulldogs at home this Friday (Feb .11) at 7:30 p.m.

If you're dying to see what Moby Madness is all about (let's be honest, how could you not be at this point?), come and be a part of history this week; tickets can be purchased now through CSU's online ticket office.

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