Hot sauce has taken over as one of the most-loved and popular condiments on the planet. From eggs and pizza to pasta, popcorn, and beyond, these days, people put hot sauce on literally everything to add some extra spice.

Fortunately for hot sauce lovers, there are infinite varieties as far as flavors and spice levels go. Some people may prefer mild or more traditional kinds, like Tabasco, while others like the spicy condiment to be as sizzling hot as can be.

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But when it comes to picking favorites, is there one kind of hot sauce that reigns supreme over the rest?

To answer this burning question, Instacart started by analyzing its purchasing data for 2023.

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The data was then compiled into a list of the top 10 hot sauces sold via Instacart last year. According to the results, Frank’s RedHot claimed the No. 1 spot across America. In 2023, sixteen states were buying Frank's more than the national average. Most of these states were in the northeast portion of the country.

Cholula came in second place, and Tabasco followed behind as being the third most-purchased hot sauce.

But none of these were Colorado's top choice for hot sauce.


Based on Instacart's information, Coloradans opted to buy Nanita's Finest over any other kind of spicy sauce. Maybe that's because the green chile and enchilada sauces are made locally at Consuelo's New Mexican Restaurant in Fort Collins, Colorado. Consuelo's has been making and selling their special sauce for over a decade, and offers it in hot, medium, and mild flavors. There are 20 Consuelo's restaurants in Colorado, all serving up delicious dishes with this hot topper.

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In 2022, Huy Fong Sriracha was the most popular hot sauce based on Instacart purchase data. However, due to a manufacturing shortage in 2023, sriracha moved down to No. 8 on the list.

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What's your favorite kind of hot sauce?

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