Of all the 'survival' shows on the air, "Dual Survival" is one of my favorites (hard to beat Les Stroud though) and I always chose Dave Canterbury as the guy I would chose to be stranded with. So what every happened to him and why was he replaced.  Was he fired or did he quit because of Cody?


Dave Canterbury was a factory worker in Ohio before he signed on as the military half of  “Dual Survival.” In addition, Dave also runs a survival training school.  In June of 2012, he announced he would be leaving the show to pursue other things.

That wasn't all true...

Canterbury was fired at the end of season 2 for lying about his military background of all things. His claim of having 20 years of survival skills experience, including ranger, survival, scout and airborne training and service in Central America. He was in the military though.  He spend 6 years in the Army with one deployment in Korea.

Cody Lundin offered this comment when asked how he felt about it all,

Dave Canterbury is no longer a part of ‘Dual Survivor.' The goal of the survival instructor is to keep people alive. In a profession where human lives are at stake, dishon­esty about one’s background and experience is an inexcusable breach of trust - Cody Lundin

I personally have real mixed emotions on this one.  For one, he is still probably one of the best survival guys out there and I still like my chances of survival with Dave Canterbury.  But he did lie and when you lose belief in something, it's hard to follow. On top of lying, he lied about his military service for personal gain.  Or did he?

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