Asking which is the healthiest county in Colorado is kind of like asking who is the tallest player on the basketball team.

They are all kind of up there, right?

Looking into it, though, we come to find that Larimer County is not the healthiest county in Colorado.

However, as you might have guessed, we rank very high and are in the top ten.

According to, Larimer is the eighth healthiest county in Colorado, which is one of the healthiest states in the nation. The healthiest county in Colorado is Douglas, followed by Broomfield.

I've listed the top ten below.

Larimer, it turns out, ranks very well in some pretty important categories. We are lower than the top U.S. performing counties in adult smoking, adult obesity, higher in physical activity and lower in teen births.

Where Larimer doesn't score so well is in alcohol impaired driving deaths, sexually transmitted infections, and excessive drinking.

The ten healthiest counties in Colorado:

1. Douglas County

2. Broomfield County

3. Pitkin County

4. Boulder County

5. Eagle County

6. Elbert County

7. Routt County

8. Larimer County

9. Summit County

10. San Miguel County

I'm surprised that Larimer is higher on the list than Summit County, because those are some active, high elevation people. Weld County came in at number 23 and they are still neck and neck with top performing counties from across the nation in most categories.

All over Colorado, we have excellent access to exercise opportunities, and the sunny days to enjoy it, so maybe that has something to do with it.

Further, I often wonder if being closer to the source of drinking water helps us at all. I mean, we could probably skip filtering the water from the Poudre and not suffer from it (don't try it at home, but we are close to the source).

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