The Weld County Sheriff's Office is investigating an incident in which a Milliken family's dog was tragically beaten to death.

The family first posted on the Lost Pets of Johnstown & Milliken, Co. Facebook page earlier in the week to ask community members to keep an eye out for their missing Irish Wolfhound mix, Cody. A follow-up post was sadly published a few days later, when the dog was found deceased.

Cody's body was located just feet away from Riverside Truck and Auto Recyclers, which is the salvage yard that his owner runs and manages. Cody would often travel to work with his owner, John Pipe. The family is very distraught over what happened to their dog, and wants to warn others who live in the area what occurred, so that they can watch out for their own pets.

Lost Pets of Johnstown Facebook
Lost Pets of Johnstown Facebook

According to Pipe, Cody's collar was wrapped around an actual pipe next to the dog, and his theory is that someone was trying to make a statement. The dog was severely injured, too.

The Milliken Animal Clinic performed a necropsy, and the results showed that Cody had suffered head and chest trauma, as well as a shattered jaw. The Weld County Sheriff's Office is now working with the family to get a better idea of what happened and who did this to Cody.

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