My countdown to leaving K99 is at 37 shows to go and then wrap it all up January 25 at the UCCC in Greeley for The Last Habajeeba Show. I plan on continuing to spread my message and try to make the world a kinder and happier place. Here are some thoughts the hit me this week to keep me in the right frame of mind. March tall Warriors.

When you are in total darkness even the tiniest bit of light can illuminate that light for someone today. It doesn't take much. If you know of someone who may be in the dark today...shine your light on them. You are a healer...we all are.

Others who aren't nearly as talented,smart or strong as you have done it so why not you? Don't doubt yourself today. You have all it takes just believe in you. There is only one of you and we need you today

Bring the best version of you today. Let's set the bar high for the week. Be grateful and great things will happen. This day is a gift. Open it and play with what's inside don't just leave it unopened. Peace and love to you today...go out and be an example of humanness at it's best

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