This is going to be a beautiful weekend. We are coming off a big Bronco win and the weather will be perfect to get out and take in the gorgeous Colorado scenery. It's a great time to clear your mind and breathe that Rocky Mountain air. There is purifying magic in that air.

As we head into a few days of fun, here are some thoughts I had this week that helped motivate me to get through the week victorious. Desire to inspire. The world needs your best y'all.

good morning!! hope you have a wonderful day. do something for you deserve it. Put you on the priority list and pamper yourself a bit today. You will be better for others if you are better to yourself. be your friend today. Love,peace and joy to you today

The world needs more class and less ass...add some class where you can. I'll show myself out

I've said it before and will say it until I take my last breath...if you use the phrase "it's not personal, it just business",,,you are doing business wrong. Successful business is personal.

the path to happiness can take some unexpected twists and turns. it can be a bumpy ride but wouldn't it be boring if it was smooth all the time? Sometimes we need a little speed bump to give us a jolt. Buckle up and ride today. Look around, soak in the view, feel all the bumps and move forward. Why can't today be THE day? Something special is going to happen out there today. Ride on warriors

Thought of the day...if you are playing a game you can't a different game. Simple. You got this my friend.


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